Electronic News

A Journal of Applied Research & Ideas

Electronic News
is the official publication of the Broadcast and Mobile Journalism division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), now published by Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA. 

I founded Electronic News at Ball State University in 2001 to attempt to fill a gap in applied research geared toward broadcast news.  At the time, there were a number of options for traditional academic research but nothing geared toward applied research and nothing that could be considered accessible to practitioners. 

Charlie Tuggle, UNC, joined me as co-editor until 2011, when Anthony Moretti, of Robert Morris University, replaced Charlie.  In 2019, Jenn Mackay, at Virginia Tech, replaced Anthony as co-editor.  In 2021, Deb Wenger at Mississippi became editor-in-chief; Keren Henderson at Syracuse became associate editor; and I became founding editor.  I’m confident that Deb and Keren will continue the tradition of doing more work than me … and they’ll do it well.

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates took over publication in 2006 when it became the official journal for RTVJ.  Taylor & Francis bought Erlbaum.  Sage took over in 2010, and the division changed its name from RTVJ to EN in 2011 (or officially in 2012, perhaps).

The purpose of this quarterly journal is to promote and publish readily accessible research and ideas that have clear relevance to the content, practice, and administration of electronic news (especially radio and television) and related fields (such as station web sites).